Common Questions about GED®

How does a GED® compare to a high school diploma?
When a student takes the GED® tests in the state of Kansas, they will earn the Kansas State High School Diploma issued by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR). KBOR oversees all four year public universities such as K-State, KU and Emporia State University, all community colleges such as Cloud County Community College, all technical colleges such as Salina Area Technical College and all adult education programs such as SAEC.

Is there a new GED® Test?
Yes! January 2014 brought a new GED® Test nationwide! GED® Testing has changes to it including testing in a computerized format, higher levels of academics based around the college & career readiness standards and a difference in price and way to pay for the tests. If you have questions regarding the changes in the 2014 tests, please direct them to Kelly Mobray, Director of Adult Education.

Do I have to take the GED® in English?
The GED® tests may be taken in English or Spanish at the Salina Adult Education Center test center!

Do I have to study for my GED®?
Most testers do spend time in the adult education classroom brushing up in the areas of Writing and Grammar, Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies. The average length of study may be 18 to 24 weeks however some students may take less time and some may take more, depending on the level of education completed prior to coming to SAEC.

Can I get into college with a GED®?
Over 97% of colleges and universities across the United States accept the GED®. Community and technical colleges do not have a minimum score requirement . What is important for students to know is what the minimum passing score that a four year college or university requires for admission.
The minimum score for a typical four year college is 170 or higher which means passing with honors. A tester would be ready for college coursework!

Will employers accept a GED®?
A majority of employers accept the GED® as high school completion to achieve employment. A student can share with employers that they have their Kansas State High School Diploma by passing the GED® tests. At the Salina Adult Education Center, students also have access to workforce training and preparation opportunities including Career Assessments, technology assessment and instruction as well as setting up a KansasWORKS account and completing the WorkREADY! tests. Students will not only leave SAEC with their Kansas State High School Diploma, but a portfolio with tools that can enhance their post secondary training and employment future.

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